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Living Clay Co

       The Detox Clay Powder you've been hearing about!
      So Pure You Can Eat, Living Clay Calcium Bentonite (Montmorillonite)

living clay        


Dry Clay     Liquid Clay    Clay Mask


We believe Living Clay is pH balance foundational to everyday wellness, as well as a first aid kit must have. If you have limited knowledge about the wonders of Living Clay, aka Calcium Bentonite Clay, know that it carries a very strong negative charge, that all toxins carry a positive charge, and like a magnet they attract. Living Clay is a premium soft dry clay, and it is pourous, thus the intent is to absorb the toxins similar to how a sponge absorbs water, and help pull or remove them. Living Clay is mineral rich, results driven. We have tried to provide you with a great deal of "clay" education and if you are a beginner, the New Easy Instructional Uses of Living Clay will be helpful, so enjoy! Maraline

NEW Free Download Easy Instructional Uses of Living Clay, FREE DOWNLOAD:

"How To Kick Start Your Day With Living Clay" by Perry A



"Living Clay® was carefully evaluated and selected as our premier clay for its superior microfine qualities and lab tested quality controls. We are proud to provide this beyond exceptional Montmorillonite, Calcium Bentonite Clay, and pleased to share the myriad of ways we use this clay for overall wellness!" Maraline

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living clay     

  Dry Clay (all sizes)       Liquid Clay    Clay Mask  


So pure you could eat it! Detox Clay Powder is the premier clay for detoxing and deep cleansing. Used by the world’s finest spas and a common treatment in the world of pH Body Balance.

pH and Living Clay: The pH of Living Clay™ is 9.7, and thus internally and externally, it acts as an alkalizing agent for the body. The pH scale goes from 0 to 14, with 7 being neutral. Below 7 is acid and above 7 is alkaline. Because of clay’s homeostatic abilities, it helps balance the body’s pH level. It naturally creates balance. Clay baths are increasingly popular for detoxing, cleansing the skin and alancing the bodies pH levels.

On a molecular level, Robert T. Marin, a mineralogist at MIT, points to Bentonite’s minute particle size that creates a large surface area in proportion to the volume used. “The greater the surface area, the greater its power to pick up positively charged particles of ions.” Mr. Marin stated that one gram of clay has a surface area of 800 square meters. That equates to about 8 football fields in size. Thus, the greater the surface area, the greater the power to pick up positive charged ions many times its own weight. Swelling clays of the right mineral composition have a great potential for absorption.


Articles, Plus Product Tests & Information Reports, enjoy!

Free Download ~ "How To Kick Start Your Day With Living Clay" - Instructional Uses


Exclusive: Click here to view many of Maraline's Personal Ways to Use Clay! Wet, Paste, Liquid, Dry, Soaks, Recipes, and more!



clayMixing Instructions for Living Clay® by Perry A.

While there is not one single method for mixing clay and water clay, our experience suggests the following methods:

The ratio for making a Cleansing Clay Mask is 1 part dry clay to 3 parts water. This is also referred to as hydrated clay.  For example, add 1 1/2 cups of water to 1/2 cup of Living Clay® Detox Powder. Use a glass, ceramic or food grade plastic container with a non-metal lid, air tight lid. Cover and shake vigorously for 1 minute or until all lumps are gone. Open the cover and allow it to breathe for 10-15 minutes until fully hydrated. Then cover and keep in a cool place out of direct sunlight.

For larger batches:

Using a plastic or glass bowl, add 1 cup of dry clay to 3 cups of water. Next, use an electric mixer to mix the clay and water until smooth. Use care as it will splatter. Let the clay set for 1 hour lightly covered, allowing the clay to breathe. Repeat the mixing process if necessary until the clay is smooth and creamy and reaches the desired consistency. Next put the clay into a glass, ceramic or food grade plastic container with a plastic lid. Do not leave the beaters in the clay when the mixer is not in use and wash the clay off immediately. Keep in a cool place out of direct sunlight. The end product will be a creamy, smooth, pudding-like substance. By holding the container in one hand and tapping it with the other hand, one should be able to feel a "bounce" to the clay. The consistency can be easily adjusted by adding more powdered clay or water until personal preference is achieved.

Preparing Living Clay® Detox Clay Powder for a liquid consistency: The ratio is 1 part dry clay to 8 parts water.  For example, ¼ cup of Living Clay® Detox Clay Powder to 2 cups of water.

Suggested method: 

In a glass jar or plastic bottle with a plastic cap add selected amounts of clay and water. Shake vigorously for 1 minute. Let it set for 15 minutes with the lid off to allow the clay to expand and breathe. Repeat the shaking process again. Some residue will remain in the bottom. The consistency can be easily adjusted by adding more powdered clay or water until personal preference is achieved. Keep in a cool place out of direct sunlight.

Living Clay® uses: Clay Masks and Full Body Wraps increase circulation, exfoliate, deep cleanse, and remove impurities and excess oil from the skin.  Clay Baths both detox and stimulate the lymphatic system.  Liquid Clay can be used for foot soaks

Click  here for Maraline of's personal explaination of "How To Use Living Clay"!



Detox Clay
Natural, Pure Calcium Bentonite Clay

Detox your body safely with 9.7pH Living Clay®, a unique and rare, green swelling calcium Bentonite clay with Montmorillonite properties from the Smectite family of clays.  Its astoundingly strong drawing action cleanses by pulling out impurities while its dynamic binding power captures and eliminates toxins.  In addition, the clay's vibrant electromagnetic charge stimulates cellular revitalization. You won’t find a smoother, finer, stronger, safer all around natural Calcium Bentonite/Montmorillonite Clay. Living Clay® It’s what you’ve been looking for!

From volcanic ash rich in trace minerals, Living Clay® is a powerful agent of stimulation, transformation, detoxing and transmission of energy that speeds cellular revitalization. It is used by many elite spas and prominent Autism Treatment Centers.

All products are Paraben Free, all natural and meet stringent Quality Control Standards for your protection.


living clay 

Living Clay Dry Powder

Ingredients: All Natural Calcium Bentonite Clay

For topical use in wet clay form, mix 1 part clay to 3 parts water in a covered non-metallic container, shake well or blend, and let stand until smooth.


For detox baths: sprinkle up to 2 cups of powder clay lightly over bath water and stir to dissolve. Soak for 15-20 minutes (many add sea salt as well). Note here - have found that if you let the tub stand after your bath for about 30 min, then allow water to drain, you will have much of the remaining clay left on bottom for the next time. Also, adding high grade epsom or sea salt as well as essential oils, will enhance this bath.

For alternative ways to use clay for passive detoxing, see articles above and click here for Maraline's Personal Ways To Use Clay! Click Here for Even More Instructions!

Living Clay Powder


                           16 oz ( 1 lb)
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1/2 gallon (4lbs)

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 1 gallon (4lbs)

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2 gallons (8lbs)

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16 lbs 2 gallons dry clay

5 gallons (40 lbs)

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5 gallons 40 lbs living clay 
32oz Liquid
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 4 oz jar
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8 oz jar

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Living Clay Liquid

Liquid Clay
All Natural Calcium Bentonite Clay - Ultra Pure

Ingredients: All Natural Calcium Bentonite and Purified Water

Suggested use: Liquid Clay can be used for foot and hand soaks and light topical applications. For soaks, use Liquid Clay to cover the desired area and allow to soak at least 15-20 minutes.

Liquid Clay has many healing benefits, such as increased circulation and blood flow, detoxification and muscle relaxation. Additionally liquid clay soaks leave your skin soft and supple.


16oz  $


living clay mask

Living Clay Mask /Paste

Ingredients:All Natural Calcium Bentonite and Purified Water

Used by some of the finest spas in the world, the Cleansing Clay Mask draws out skin’s impurities and excess oils, leaving it refreshed and purified. Because of its gentle and effective cleansing abilities, it’s perfect for removing make-up, and its softening benefits make it an ideal shaving cream. Suggested Use: For facials, apply a thin layer to face and neck and allow to dry 15-20 minutes. Rinse with warm water and pat dry. For best results, follow up with the Rejuvenating Face Cream. Store in a cool place away from direct sunlight.


 4 oz jar Save 15% off   Retail Price$14.95


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8 oz jar Save 15% off Retail Price $24.95


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 16 oz jar Save 15% off Retail Price $34.95


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The Clay Cure by Ran Knishinsky ~
Contains information on the science of clays, the history of clay down through the ages, choosing the appropriate clay, and the many uses and applications of clay.

 Plus Shipping $8
Above: $5 Shipping with Dry Clay Order

Information on Bentonite clay




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