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Alkalize from too much acidity.

We can ALL feel "Energized, Happy, Playful"!


“I don't understand why asking people to eat a well-balanced vegetarian diet is considered drastic, while it is medically conservative to cut people open and put them on powerful cholesterol-lowering drugs for the rest of their lives.
Dean Ornish, MD

TRUTH? We need a simple way to eat the vegetables we need!

Foundational NutritoinMost of us don't have time to foundationally eat and drink the way we need to, consequently, we find ourselves unable to do what we really WANT to do, enjoy the physical aspects of life the way we used to!

We need to eat the vegetables we are not receiving, and increase our alkalinity while decreasing our acidity!

Many of us are too acidic (with symptoms) and as a result, have a health challenge which could be contributed at some level to nutritional deprivation or dehydration, based soley on the degradation of our food and water and increased processed, canned, and fast foods.Stress is of course a huge part of being too acidic, however, our response to stress changes when we are nutritionally satisfied and optimally hydrated.

This webpage is dedicated to specific pH nutritional products we believe are FOUNDATIONAL to your pHealth and wellness. Essante WorldWide developed their pH Nutritional products following the work of Andre Beauchamp. As you may be aware, Andre Beaucham (as the associate to Louis Pasteur) proved that while we mayinhale, ingest, and grow germs, virus, bacteria, etc., they can only grow and flourish in our bodies when our environment (body is 70% water, blood is 96% water) is to acidic, when it's depelete of the necessary nutritional and hydrational values to maintain a normal and usual pH 7.365. Even though our deep vein artery blood regulates itself, it does so at the expense of our high pH minerals (stored in our skeleton) like calcium which is a 12 pH.


An Important pH Message from

Alkalizing may be the answer to the one illness that plagues most of us, albeit in many forms of symptoms, chronic conditions, disease, et al – Acidosis. AND If you are acidic, you probably know it. Empower yourself, take care of yourself – study pH and ask your doctor about the importance of pH and the negative affects of acidosis

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What makes Green Organics products compelling?

Pure Rejuvenation! Feel it throughout your body.

Greens Vitality bring 25 different vegetations with avocado and avocado seed - organic and wild crafted clean food and new energy to our bodies and individual cells.

Through alkalizing hydration and dense organic whole food nutriton, we cleanup our blood environment and feed our cells what we require (our blood is approximately 96% water).

Perhaps the most striking difference about Essante Nutritonal products is clean, organic whole food nutrition with living energy, and alkalizing without leaching, meaning Supreme pH drops are potassiuim based, not only alkalizng, but also balancing electrolytes!

Perhaps you'll find as so many of us have, "energy isn't just for kids, it's also for pH Balanced people everywhere"!



“To me, the most amazing part of Andre Beauchamp's research is what is happening today, especially at Green Organics Int'l - godesana. Godesana is making it simple for everyone to receive the"energized" nutrition and alkalization they need for optimal inner terrain! Lean, trim & fit with pH balance!
Maraline Krey, CEO and Founder, BioGro Products and


Kirlian photography (photo of plant energy) from Hippocrates of "fresh" spinach.

kirlian photography spinach

PS Andre Beauchamp was the working associate of Louis Pasteur. He disagreed with the germ theory.


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Pure Water and Nutrition are your house of health!

Fact: pH Balance or Imbalance is the consequence (good or bad) of nutrition and hydration!

Fact: Small Changes Can Make BIG DIFFERENCES!

Goal: Understand the difference between what your body needs and what it's been receiving!

No BUDGET? Take my "7 Day Challenge" and when you feel the shift, consider what good health is worth, because it is what allows you to be successful.

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"We are what we Eat AND OverAcidification is Killing Us" Interview, Life Tips Radio Show, Boston


Essante Nutriton Why wouldn't all of us, regardless of age or circumstance, want to have bodies that perform?

Everyone's Story:

We all remember our youth, waking full steam ahead, going gangbusters all day long, barely stopping to eat, finding it hard to sit still long enough to do what we needed to do, and then running off to play after a full day at school.

So is it age, is it lack of enthusiasm, or do we know what happened to change all of that?
Talk to anyone, they'll tell you the same thing, "when I was younger, I'd.......", "wow, I was really a sports kid.....", "holy cow was I a great dancer before the kids came"......or how about the famous "youth is spoiled on the young", or "if I had that energy I'd be a happy person"!

Why do we slow down? Well first thing is our body is designed "not to slow down" and to create tons of internal energy!

When we rob our body of basic nutritional needs, we're not only robbing our "body as a whole", but also our individual cells. And cells robbed of nutritional levels they require stop performing at their "peak performance". Along with dehydration for many of us, our functionality slowly diminishes and our cells have a shorter life span, eventually are no longer the healthy cells they once were due to lack of hydration, food, oxygen, i.e., internal pH Balance.

Fast Food, Processed Food, Overcooked Food? Yes, we are all guilty, or are we?

Why isn't our daily diet nutritious?


Processing is really doing a number on us. Take wheat for example, in sprout form (from the ground), it carries tremendous nutrition and energy (plants have the same DNA structure as humans and energy can convert at a sprout level - good to know if you grow sprouts). However, when you dry, grind, perhaps heat and process the mature wheat plant, then on top of that, perhaps bleach it, inevitably, what started out to be "very healthy", has lost most if not all of it's nutrition.

Years ago you would walk into a pHresh food market and you'd see produce on one side, healthy fresh fish, naturally organic poultry, and perhaps grass fed beef, on the other side, and a very small portion of the store would house artisan flours, unrefined sugars, unbleached salts,etc. ALL OF WHICH bore truth to a healthy diet.

The big question is not why, but when do we begin taking good care of ourselves! Most of us take great care of those around us, but without us, would they take care of themselves? Do you? So ask yourself......


Essante FamilyToday, we all need to ask ourselves the question "what do we eat more of, fresh and alive, or processed, canned and fast foods?"

More importantly, grandparents today are known as the "sandwich generation", between our children and our parents, it's really important to every family to generationally take care of ourselves and each other - keys of course are laugh, love, and play together!


over the counter vitamins

When the Dominos begin to fall and.....

The Challenge of Self Prescribing Vitamins & Minerals


We've all been down the route of either being told we have deficiencies or knowing we have deficiencies. Let's face it, we are for the most part, internet savy and can figure out what we need. That's how you landed here in the first place.

However, what we may not know is that our body is designed to receive nutrition from whole food because whole food is supposed to be our nutrition source and consequently produce is "co-factored". Co-factoring means every piece of produce has the exact amount of vitamins to correspond with the minerals so that we can absorb at the maximum levels.

Without "optimal absorption" we are not receiving the nutrition. Over the counter vitamins and minerals may contain the correct "ingredients", however, they may not be soluble or absorbable. There are at least 2 cities who have analyzed over the counter vitamins/minerals clogging their sewer systems.

Most medical and natural medicine publications remark we absorb only about 10-20% of over the counter vitamins and minerals. Many are synthetic, many just not comprised of body friendly nutrition.

It's our best bet to receive nutrition from whole food sources, but how and in what quantities? Based on the lack of mineral content in our soils today as well as chemicals that have eroded the soil micro organisms essential to our nutritional balance, we've found only ONE ORGANIC GREENS PRODUCT WITH NO FILLERS OR ADDITIVES, dense in nutritional value. As a bonus it has a strong negative ionic charge (for those of you familiar with pH balance, you know we are compiled of postive ions (toxins and acids) and negative ions (energy & oxygen). A strong ionic charge is a very good thing in an organic green product.


Consider you are 70lbs of water for every 100lbs of body weight - or 35 quarts of water. To replace your water monthly would mean a little over 1 quart a day, with symptoms, chronic symptoms, or a diagnosis, you may want to consider increasing your replacement ratio.

Adding 1 scoop of Organic Earth Greens to 24-32 oz of water (clean tasting, no particle after taste, you will grow to love this flavor), each dayof water each day plus a few drops of Supreme pH, and you have a whole food based, nutrient-dense, alkalizing, and energizing drink! A few of these each day can really make a difference.

Organic Earth Greens are vailable in powder or capsules, along with Organic Earth Greens, it's important to replace your body water. We are (approximately) 70% water and our blood (approximately) 96% water. Just as anything else, it's important to replace your water periodically.

Remember, if you are not used to hydrating, sipping every few minutes is better than drinking a lot all at once! Fresh lemonade is a great way to begin hydration and alkalizing!

Small Changes, Big Differences

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