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Jupiter Science - the world's leader in alkaline ionization, offers you their latest high end model with biostone filter, micom system, and platinum/titanium electrolytic cell:

Jupiter Science Regency Elite Is no longer available.

Replacement filters only

Regency Elite

Regency Ionizer

Jupiter Science Regency Elite Ionizer


.01 micron BioStone Replacement Filters for

Jupiter Melody and Jupiter Regency Elite.

Water Ionizer, Alkalizer, Purifier - Countertop Is No Longer Available
"Direct" Filters AVAILABLE

Click here to see other Jupiter Science Ionizers

BioGro Products LLC has been a U.S. Distributor of Jupiter Science Ionizers, selling wholesale and "direct to you" for well over 7 years.

You can order your replacement biostone filters here for Jupiter Science Melody, Regenisis, Regency, Regency II, and now the new Regency Elite.

We have always represented the highest quality Jupiter Science products, selling direct at quite a cost savings.  It is the quality of the units and extraordinary claims experience, which has also allowed us to extend you a 5 year warranty.

We are pleased to offer our "New and Extended 5 year warranty"!

Click here for New and Extended Jupiter Science Regency Elite 5 Year Warranty

Jupiter Science Regency Elite and Melody Ionizers lead the way with new platinum, titanium, electrolytic cell and a .1  micron biostone filter with silver activated carbon and calcium. Plus added Tourmaline generates Far Infra Red energy that improves the 'wetness' or permeability level of water.

It also acts like a supercharger', assisting the water alkalizer to ionize and alkalize. Surfactant effect (makes water wetter) increases by around 100%. It also negatively ionizes minerals in the water and supports extra negative ionization.

Your Customer Service Commitment: BioGro Service technician will answer all of your questions, and will guide you through the simple installation over the phone, providing customer care support anytime you have a question! Email or Call Today.

Jupiter Science offers simply the best value and most popular ionizers in the world. The Jupiter Elite Water Ionizer is the first Water Ionizer in the world with an onboard BioStone® filter, which naturally generates negative ions as soon as it makes contact with water. It activates water to assist in support of metabolism, and circulation.

Jupiter Science Elite is offered at a great value price with super reliability: Biostone filter, fully automated features, 9 levels of pH (5 settings), strong ORP* readings, and five year extended limited warranty, the Elite is the preferred choice for the USA and for such authorities as Sang Whang (author of Reverse Aging) and Robert O. Young, PHD and Author of 'The pH Miracle", in fact Regency II, the former model is named in his publications.

*Oxidation Reduction Potential explained :ORP stands for Oxidation-Reduction Potential. In practical terms, it is a measurement to oxidize contaminants. By nature of the word, oxidation-reduction would mean to reduce acid, negative ions.

Compare! And for additional information, click on each of the following:

Testimonies from Jupiter Science Regency Owners and Doctors around the world speak on ionizing, alkalizing and balancing your pH.

Dr Zayd Ratansi, N.D.:

HOC Health Centers

"We have studied the science behind the unit and were so convinced of its validity that we have ordered a water unit for our 4 clinics" Click here to read Dr. Ratansi's complete testimony.

Pete & Maria:

"There is no other water that tastes this great. For me, energy and alertness increased. My taste improved daily and my acidic stomach problems subsided!" Click here to read 5 friend's testimonies!

Dr. Gabriel Cousins:

"Water Ionization could be one of the most important health breakthroughs in our era"

Dr. Robert O. Young:

"To maintain or restore your body's natural pH balance for optimal health, drink restructured, ionized water which is rich in anti-oxidants and alkaline minerals. Ionized water helps reverse the effects of acid accumulation in the body, the root cause of degenerative diseases and aging."

Terry Grossman, M.D.:

One of a handful of modern-day physicians who are laying the foundation for a new paradigm in medicine, combining cutting-edge medical knowledge with the best evidence-based complementary therapies.

Dr. Susan Lark:

Drinking four to six glasses of alkaline water a day will help to neutralize over acidity and over time will help to restore your buffering ability. Alkaline water should be used when conditions of over acidity develop, such as cold, flu or bronchitis.

Like vitamins C, E and Beta Carotene, alkaline water acts as an antioxidant because of its excess supply of free electrons. This can help the body against the development of heart disease, strokes, immune dysfunctions, and other common ailments.

In various parts of the world, in areas where people are known to live exceptionally long lives, the existence of a specific water structure known as hexagonal water is found naturally. The water contains numerous ions, structure making ions (electrolytes) and comes from the snow covered mountains. This water is characterized by a small cluster size which penetrates the cells much faster, supplying nutrition, nutrients and oxygen more efficiently, increasing cell water turnover and cellular metabolism.

One of the biggest health issues we face is the removal or elimination of acidic wastes from our bodies. An overly acidic internal environment has been correlated with both disease and aging, and if our bodies could eliminate these wastes more efficiently, our life expectancy and overall health would be enhanced.

Click here to Purchase Now

According to Dr. Sherry Rogers, MD, author of "Detoxify or Die", ionized water is such a good free radical scavenger that ionizers perform as well as the primary antioxidant enzyme that the body makes, namely superoxide dimutase (SOD) and catalase.

Ionized water has several functions, alkalize the water, ionize the water which means to break down the size of the water molecule so that the water becomes wetter to the body, meaning it can hydrate cells more easily, a healthier choice.

Bottled water is a 28 billion dollar industry, it is environmentally unfriendly and it is buyer beware. This is a total replacement for having to purchase bottled water, best news is you have an endless supply of pure, high pH, ionized, wetter water at your faucet.

Compare Jupiter Regency Elite's five starsfive starsfive starsfive starsfive stars 5 star rating

Why is the pricepoint so much less for the Jupiter Science Regency Elite? 

"Direct" to you, BioGro Products LLC has been a U.S. Distributor of high end Jupiter Science ionizers for over 5 years, first selling Regenisis, then Regency II, and now Regency Elite and Regency X. Our policies and extraordinary claims experience keeps the price low and the warranty extended to 5 years over 2 years.

Features and Benefits:

Regency Elite is a small, simple package solution to enhancing water through ionization and alkalization as well dramatically improving the ORP and purification, click here to see Specifications:

NOW Discover Health Benefits From Drinking Pure Water, Ionized Water and Alkaline Water -Right From Your Own Faucet! Easy hookup in just minutes! You can stop buying bottled water!

Jupiter Science Regency Elite tech support is phenomenal, both with any questions and your personal technician guide you through a 10 minute installation and answer any questions you have. Customer Service and issue resolution is beyond comparison!

The NEW Jupiter Science Regency Elite Water Ionizer easily installs to your faucet and will alter your tap water, creating both Alkaline and Acidic water.  To maintain or restore your body's natural pH balance for optimal health, drink restructured, ionized water which is rich in anti-oxidants and alkaline minerals.  Ionized water helps reverse the effects of acid accumulation in the body, the root cause of degenerative diseases and aging.  Allow your body to maximize it's healing potential.

Alkalizing & Ionizing Water - Is This New?

Alkaline water is available in hospitals and clinics throughout Japan and Korea and in addition, is registered as a medical device by the Governments of both these countries. The combined number of units sold by the major water ionizer manufacturersis over 1 million units per year. And, a name we all know, Sanyo, has announced they are introducing a new ionizing washing machine which will not require any washing powder. Environmentally sound idea, plus a major cost savings using ionized and low pH water to clean instead of chemicals.

Too Acidic? It's called Acidosis

1 in 3 have cancer, 1 in 3 are obese, 2 in 3 are overweight, and the list goes on.

Just as acid rain in the environment damages our external eco system, so internal acids damage our internal eco system.  Without knowing it, most of us consume diets high in acid forming foods. We also drink acidic beverages such as carbonated drinks, coffee, distilled and reverse osmosis water which add to this acid overload. This results in the loss of precious bone building minerals which are used for buffering these internal acids. Having realized that our internal acid load is a major factor behind all degenerative diseases, we encourage a diet high in alkalizing foods and drinking ionized water.

Alkalinity Where We Need It

Jupiter Science Regency Elite can produce water that has an alkaline pH, without the addition of any chemicals. This is done through electrolysis, a process that separates the acid from alkaline minerals. There are 5 levels of alkalinity to choose from. When consumed, alkaline water helps to neutralize and flush out acid wastes that have accumulated as the result of an unhealthy diet, stress and pollution.

 What is Wetter Water?

Dr. Henri Coanda, Nobel Prize winner at 78, spent 6 decades studying the Hunza water in the Himalayas, where people routinely live to over 120 years of age.  Most in good health with virtually no cancer or decay, vital and strong. The major common denominator of the healthy long-living people is their local water, and Dr. Coanda discovered that there were indeed anomalous properties to the Hunza water.  What is significant is that his discoveries revealed crystalline structure in the water supply that is very similar to the fluid that surrounds our cells and the protein in our cells has a very similar highly crystalline structure. When we drink ordinary water, our bodies have to try and convert it into "living water" that has this crystalline structure. Hunza water proves this is biological in nature and has the characteristics which the body needs.

Ordinary tap water usually has a surface tension of about 73 dynes per centimeter - a dyne is a very small unit of force, the amount needed to break the surface skin of the water. Lower surface tension results in "wetter water".

Our cells require a surface tension of 45 dynes or less to be hydrated.

Ionization: The smaller hexagonal molecular structure resulting from electrolysis is what makes Jupiter Science Elite water wetter than tap or bottled water. These smaller clusters of water molecules are less than half the size of those found in tap water. The smaller cluster size gives the water excellent hydrating properties, high solubility and good cellular permeability.

Mineral Water

Ionic Exchange of Minerals: This high tech appliance rearranges the healthy minerals that are native to your source water, according to their electrical charge. This is done through electrolysis. The positive or alkaline minerals are drawn to the negative electrode and the negative or acidic minerals are attracted to the positive electrode within this chamber. This separation is maintained by a special barrier. As a result, alkaline water could contain the essential calcium (Ca+), magnesium (Mg+), sodium (Na+) and potassium (K+) minerals while the acid water contains acidic compounds which have not been trapped in the filter.

Oxygen Rich Water

Jupiter Science Regency Elite water contains more oxygen than regular tap water. This added Oxygen varies according to the pH selected and is present in the form of alkaline hydroxide ions (OH-). The body makes use of the oxygen bound in the hydroxide compound when the aspirated oxygen (O ) runs low in the blood stream. This benefit will be most apparent during exercise and physical labor. It has been written that Ionized Water "may also lower blood pressure and help the heart work less hard."  Quoted from: Reverse Aging , Sang Whang.

Anti-Oxidant Water

ORP (oxygen reduction potential): As a result of the electrolysis process, Jupiter Science Regency Elite water has a negative oxygen reduction potential (ORP), or an affinity for the free radicals that attack cell tissue. Imagine not having to rely solely on supplemental antioxidants since your water will already contain an abundant supply.

What about the acid water?

The low pH or acid water is separated from the alkaline drinking water and has lots of different benefits. It's great to wash your produce, counters, etc., and some spas use it as a facial to remove dead skin, and cut flowers love it, acid water will extend the life of cut flowers. Acid water released is normally a 3 pH.


Acid Causing Effects of Modern Lifestyle

Poor Diet
Lack of sleep
Increased stress
Insufficient nutrients
Air and water pollution
Lack of exercise or excessive exercise


Benefits of AlkalineWater

  • Regulates blood pressure
  • Good antioxidant source
  • Adult disease control
  • Balance body pH
  • Reduce acidosis
  • Increased Energy
  • Urea stones dissolved
  • Cooked foods taste better
  • Reverse Aging
  • Helps digestive problems

Benefits of AcidWater

  • Extends the life of cut flowers
  • Promotes plant growth
  • Excellent hair rinse
  • Reduces acne
  • Complexion enhancement
  • Relieves athletes foot, eczema
  • Mouth wash
  • Wounds heal faster
  • Soothes dry, itchy skin
  • Sterilizes burns or heat rash


Smart Water Ionizing controlled automatically by the Micom onboard computer.
Reduced mineral deposits by use of platinum titanium electrode.
Warning melody for each operational stage.
Alarm signal in case of low water pressure.
Exact calculation of filter durability with water pressure sensor system.
Extended range of pH selection and control.
Has a high quality filter which removes most pollutants and microorganisms.
Calcium may be added through an exterior opening, extending the range of
    pH selection.
Optional hollow filter membrane.
Easy filter replacement.


Specifications & Features



Ion water generator


Input voltage

AC120V -240V

Input Electricity




Overall dimention


Applicable Water Inflow Pressure


Applicable Water Temperature


Unit Operation Type

One touch

Unit Operation Means

Tap-Water-Open and - Close

Electrolysis Device

Electrolsis Method

Continuous Electrolysis

Electrolsis strength

4 Level

Ionized Water Output Rate

2.5L-3L/min(Alkaline+Acidic water)

Cleaning Device


Electrode Materials

Platinum and Titanium

Water Purifying Device

Filter Replacement

Easy Replacement Cartridge

Filter Life

     Activated Carbon Filter:Approx 5-6 Month
( Basic 20 Liter/Day )

Filter Life Indicator

FND Indication

Filter Composition

Silver impregnated Carbon
option-hollow filter membrane


Water Purifying Device

Temperature Sensor / Auto Shut Off


Water Supply

Direct Connection to a Tap

How does the filter work?

Purchase Now Jupiter Science Regency Elite and Jupiter Science Melody Replacement Filters.

Jupiter Science Regency Elite (NO LONGER AVAILABLE)
        Click here to see other Jupiter Science Ionizers


Jupiter Melody / Regency Elite Water Ionizer Replacement Ultra Filter .01 micron
Price: $89.00
+$14 s/h = Total $103
call us for express s/h
2 ea. Jupiter Melody / Regency Elite Water Ionizer Replacement Ultra Filters .01 micron
Qty Sale Price: $165.90 + $17 s/h = Total $182.90
call us for express s/h
Boxed with .1 micron filter, to change out to .01 ultra, flat $35 upcharge.
$35.00 upgrade to change out .1micron to .01 ultra - new only:


In hot water Chlorine and other chemicals become gaseous and are inhaled or aborbed as you bathe or shower, plus are 6 x more harmful than drinking chlorinated water - view now!

Add'l Options: If you determine additional enhancement or filtering is neccessary because your water supply requires special circumstance or extreme issues: 

Calcium Insert (goes directly inside ionizer)
Price $8.95
Nitrate Filter Assembly
Price $136.35
Taste/Odor Pre-Filter Assembly
Price $121.05

Wholesale Orders - Please call 859-336-3246

Jupiter Regency Elite Factory Specifications

 Jupiter Melody Factory Specifications


FDA Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and these products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. This is not medical advice and is not intended to replace the advice or attention of health care professionals. Consult your physician before beginning or making any changes in your diet, supplements or exercise program, for diagnosis and treatment of illness or injuries, and for advice regarding medications.

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