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Vita-Mix Blender, as seen on Martha Stewart recently,

Vita-Mix 5200 - Now offered in Basic, Super, and Deluxe Packages!



                                                                                                                   Vitamix 5200 

Juice whole foods Cook steaming hot soups and sauces
Grind grains and knead dough Make frozen treats




Absolutely no-risk, in-home 30 day trial

Your Vita-Mix machine will be the most important appliance in your kitchen!

Check out the 35 kitchen tasks you'll be able to perform!

7 year warranty

Click image for details

YOURS FREE: Personal pH Test Kit pkg, PLUS "The pH Miracle" by Dr. Robert & Shelley Young

Gift with purchase of Vita-Mix 5200 (shipped separately)


VitaMix 5200 Basic Vita-Mix 5200 High performance, new container, new look: The new standard for high performance blending. This model is perfect for those who don't plan to grind grains.
Wet blade container: This is a durable 64-oz. container made from Eastman Tritan™ copolyester, designed to deliver consistent results every time.
Consistency: Perfectly smooth whole food juice and smoothies, steaming hot soup from fresh produce, low-fat frozen treats.
Cooler, more efficient motor
NEW, Easy-to-remove 2-part lid: Now a twist-off lid plug, marked with measurements for your convenience, great to add ingredients while you are making your smoothies.
Updated: Now with soft touch switches and all new DVD and cookbooks!

VALUE: $565.00
BUY NOW PRICE: $449.00

Available in WhiteVitaMix5200 BlackVitaMix5200 RedVitaMix5200

Special Deals in U.S.

Vita-Mix 5200 Super Package Vita-Mix Super 5200 Versatility plus high performance. Wet & Dry Blade Containers Included. Perfect for preparing whole food meals and grinding grains.
Wet blade container: This is a durable 64-oz. container made from Eastman Tritan™ copolyester, designed to deliver consistent results every time.
Dry blade container: A second 32 oz. container with a dry ingredients blade, (made of Eastman Tritan copolyester) best suited to grinding grains, beans, and rice into nutrient-dense flour, with NEW easy-off lid.
Cooler, more efficient motor: Custom-designed for Vita-Mix, a new standard in blender performance.
Two easy-to-remove lids: Each features a twist-off lid plug, conveniently marked with measurement—perfect for adding ingredients while machine is running.
Updated with Soft touch switches and all new DVD and cookbooks!    


                                                VALUE: $724.00
                                                BUY NOW PRICE: $549.00

                                                Available in WhiteVitaMix5200Super Black VitaMix5200Super Red VitaMix5200Super

Special Deals in U.S.

VitaMix 5200 DELUXE PKG

Vita-Mix 5200 Deluxe Package includes 2 wet and 1 dry bladed containers! Plus great value package!
2 sizes of Wet blade container These are containers made of tough, durable, materials from Eastman Tritan™, with a copolyester designed to deliver consistent results every time. Includes NEW easy-off 2-part lid.
1 Dry blade container: Great for grinding grains, beans, and rice into nutrient-dense flour. Includes NEW easy-off lid.
Cooler, more efficient motor you'll enjoy for years to come.
Two easy-to-remove lids:Each features a twist-off lid plug, conveniently marked with measurement—perfect for adding ingredients while machine is running.
Updated pad with Soft touch switches, and all new DVD and cookbooks!

Deluxe Package:

  • A Vita-Mix Super 5200 machine, black, red, or white base
  • 64-oz wet blade container and a
  • 32-oz dry blade container
  • 32-oz wet blade container (perfect for single servings, marinades, etc.)
  • 1 - Vita-Mix Tamper - makes all the difference in the world in speeding up processing plus ensures perfect, smooth results.
  • 3 cookbooks and a Cooking Class on DVD (part of the Super 5200 package)
  • 3 extra-long, specially designed spatulas
  • 4 flexible cutting boards
  • Extra Low Carb/Low Fat cookbook

VALUE: $894.90
BUY NOW PRICE: $649.00

 Available in WhiteVitaMix5200DELUXE BlackVitaMix5200DELUXE RedVitaMix5200DELUXE

Special Deals in U.S.


FREE Getting Started Guide, a $16 Value.

BASIC, SUPER, DELUXE PACKAGES INCLUDE THIS All NEW, updated Getting Started Guide, the perfect companion for your DVD cooking class. A $16 value.

FREE cooking class on DVD, a $25 value.

BASIC, SUPER, AND DELUXE PACKAGES INCLUDE THIS All NEW, "cooking show quality" Let's Get Started class on DVD . You'll learn all the processes step by step in this fun and informative program, a $25 value.

Vitamix Cookbook

BASIC, SUPER AND DELUXE PACKAGES INCLUDE THIS All NEW, updated Whole Food Recipes cookbook. This fabulous collection of recipes includes 10 tabbed sections filled with hundreds of NEW recipes, gorgeous full-color photos and an all-new, easel-back design, a $50 value.

New, updated Whole Grains recipe book, a $15 value.

SUPER AND DELUXE PACKAGE INCLUDES THIS All NEW, updated Whole Grains cookbook. Helps you prepare tasty breads, cereals and more from whole wheat and gluten-free ingredients. A $15 value!









PLUS ALL NEW********For Vegans and Green Smoothie Enthusiasts, 2 New Packages!

Green Smoothie Recipe from Vitamix




Vita-Mix 4500

10 Kitchen Appliances in One

Vitamix 4500

The Vitamix 4500 is a commercial-quality blender with power that's far beyond ordinary blenders. Its blades turn at 37,000 peak revolutions per minute... or 240 miles per hour! And even more importantly, its extremely powerful 11.5 amp motor develops 2 peak horsepower to keep the blades spinning at high speed even under heavy loads. This combination of speed and power is why the TurboBlend gives you the smoothest possible textures, in just seconds. Where lesser blenders leave unblended chunks, seeds and strings, the Vitamix TurboBlend produces silky smooth results, in less time. You'll prepare smooth-textured foods with consistent quality — and do it faster! And because the TurboBlend's blade power literally explodes individual plant cells, more flavor and nutrition are released for healthier, tastier foods. The Vitamix 4500 Turboblend includes a smoothie stick which, when inserted, accelerates carafe contents for even faster results. Carafe is made of Tritan™ copolyester

Free ground shipping continental US for Vita-Mix, compliments of

Green Smoothie Recipes from Vitamix


STARTING AT $59 PERSONAL BLENDER FROM TRI-BEST: "Love the ease of use, cleans up fast, and I can make a few glasses at at time!" Maraline NEW Personal size is Maraline's favorite for her GreenDrinks & Iced Drinks, it has a very small counter footprint, it's the best value!


Only one kitchen appliance performs thirty-five different kitchen tasks - all without attachments! It's the Vita-Mix 4500. You can turn whole fruit and vegetables into nutrition-packed drinks, cook steaming hot soup and fresh produce, make low-fat frozen treats from scratch or grind grains and knead dough for homemade bread! Do all this and much more-in just minutes. And only with the Vita-Mix 4500!

4 Unique Processes That No Other Single Kitchen Appliance Can Do


Mill whole grain into flour
Knead oven-ready dough
Mince onion and boiled eggs
Grate cheese perfectly
Crumb fresh bread
Powder your own sugar
Compose creamy pudding
Freeze healthy sorbets
Make homemade ice cream
Prepare frozen yogurt
Create effortless fondues

Juice whole fruits and vegetables
Grind your own fresh coffee
Combine fruit for smoothies
Blend rich creamy frozen drinks
Create delicious nut milks
Frappe gourmet coffees
Crush ice in seconds
Cook soup from scratch
Hash potatoes
Max batters in seconds
Puree natural baby food
Chop coleslaw in a flash
Grind cooked or raw meat
Crack while grain for cereal
Melt savory fondues
Dice fresh vegetables into salsa
Churn butter from whole cream
Cream spreads, dips, and pates
Process nut butters and humus
Homogenize salad dressings
Heat low fat sauces
Create fresh pasta toppings
Cook up natural fruit syrup
Simmer lump-free gravy

Juice Whole Foods in 60 Seconds

The Benefits of Vita-Mix Whole Food Juice
Vita-Mix Whole Food Juice includes both the juice and the fiber from fresh fruits and vegetables. Simply toss whole fresh foods into the Vita-Mix container. Then set the dial and flip the switch. You'll enjoy fresh, vitamin-rich juice -- full of fiber and important phytochemicals -- in just a minute.

Vita-Mix Whole Food Juice is smooth and delicious to drink because the Vita-Mix Super 5000 breaks the fruit or vegetable fiber down to tiny microscopic particles and releases more juice than a Juice Extractor. The secret is the high-speed 2 peak horsepower motor and the customized hammermill and cutting blades. Whole foods are literally pulverized down to the cellular level, so all the valuable vitamins and enzymes are readily available for digestion -- with full flavor.

The Difference between the Vita-Mix and a Juice Extractor
The Vita-Mix uses the whole fruit or vegetable to make juice, so you get a more nutritious juice using less produce, with less waste and in less time than when using a juice extractor. Research has shown that the pulp a juice extractor discards is more nutritious than the juice itself. Vita-Mix Whole Food Juice keeps all the pulverized fiber in the juice -- and it's not only drinkable, it's delicious. The health benefits are the big bonus for you!

Cook Soup to Steaming in 4 Minutes
Prefer a chunky soup? The choice is yours. Just take a few strips of cooked chicken or a small baked potato and, while the soup is still steaming, use variable speed setting #1 to chop and mix the additional ingredients. It takes just a few seconds -- and it's a great way to use last night's leftovers!

The rotating hammermill and cutting blades of the Vita-Mix Super 5000 travel at 240 mph and generate enough friction heat to cook a half-gallon of soup to steaming hot in a matter of minutes! Cut cooking time in half when you start with boiling water. Either way, all-day cooking is a thing of the past!

Soup starts with nutritious fresh whole vegetables that cook up without peeling or seeding -- with results that even the most accomplished chef would applaud.

Desserts and snacks are quick, easy and guilt-free!
The same high-speed blade action that cooks soup enables the Vita-Mix 4500 to make delicious low-fat frozen treats. Starting with the frozen fruit of your choice, the high-performance hammermill and cutting blades crush and cut up frozen ingredients. This action, in turn, expands the total surface area of the frozen ingredients. As the Vita-Mix continues processing at high speed, the mixture refreezes itself and you get a light and luscious frozen treat in seconds!

Make commercial-quality frozen drinks at home in your Vita-Mix!
Because they are so fast and reliable, you will find Vita-Mix machines in many fine and well-known restaurants and coffeehouses. You won't believe how easy it is to make consistently smooth frozen cappuccinos, margaritas and more -- right in your own home kitchen -- with the Vita-Mix 4500.

Grind Grain and Kneed Dough in One 5 Minute Operation
Treat yourself to fresh, homemade bread everyday -- it's amazingly quick and easy to do with the Vita-Mix. The special dry blade container that comes with the Vita-Mix Super 5000 is specially designed to push food up and away, making it a better choice for dry grinding or kneading sticky dough.

The Vita-Mix 4500 dry container grinds wheat berries, rice or any other whole grains into ultra-fine flour in just 60 seconds. Flour ground in the Vita-Mix 4500 is consistently finer than the store-bought variety and helps you make a fresh, more nutritious loaf of bread in your bread machine. Or, if you prefer to bake your bread in the oven, add oil, yeast and other ingredients -- and the Vita-Mix Super 5000 mixes and kneads then into dough -- right in the same container! Your hands stay clean and dry -- and the dough is ready to rise in 5 minutes!

*A note about the Dry Blade Container . . .
When you order the Vita-Mix 4500, a dry-blade or "grain" container" is needed in addition to the wet blade container that is designed for processing "wet" foods like juices, soups, and frozen treats. The Vita-Mix 4500 comes with the wet blade container only. See below for addition ordering information.

Power & Performance
We start with 2 peak horsepower motor that delivers the power it takes to handle all the most difficult processes. And since we wanted to make really smooth, can't-tell-the fiber's-there Whole Food Juice, we put research, development and testing into blade, driver and container technology -- matching precision with precision.

To really put the motor to work, we had to design the most efficient blade assembly, driver, spline and container possible -- and then continually improve them as we discover ways to make them better! See why we believe that the Vita-Mix is the best kitchen appliance on the market!

Product Specifications
• 11 mph (18 kph) to 240 mph (398 kph) blade tip speed range
• 20-1/2" (51 cm) tall
• 8-3/4" (22 cm) deep
• 7-1/4" (18 cm) wide
• 10 lbs. 9 oz. (4.8 kg)
• 120 volt, 60 Hz*
• 11.5 amps
• 7 year warranty

Motor Specifications
• 2+ peak horsepower motor
• Variable speed motor control
• High-efficiency radial cooling fan
• Thermal protection system to prevent overload and burnout
• Low-friction ball-bearing motor outlasts several times over the life of blenders

We Guarantee Your Vita-Mix Super 5000 Will Run Trouble-Free Or Vita-Mix Will Fix It For FREE
Unlike other kitchen appliances that typically come with a one-year warranty, limited to defects, Vita-Mix provides you with a full 7-year warranty which guarantees your machine to be free from defects in materials and workmanship and to perform trouble-free in normal household use for SEVEN YEARS from the date of purchase. In the unlikely event anything should go wrong, Vita-Mix will repair it for FREE!

Available: Vita Mix 4500 and 5200 Dry Blade: vitamix dry blade

CALL NOW FOR PRICING ON VITAMIX 4500, DRY BLADES, AND ACESSORIES 800 431 3290 OR click here to email us.

Click here to view details of Vitamix 5200 or click here to email us.


Vita-Mix 4500
$399.00 Special Pricing
NEW Dry Blade Container 32oz
$149.00 Special Pricing
Vita-Mix 4500 w/ Dry Blade Container
$488.00 Special Pricing

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